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A broad base of 35+ years experience includes work within a variety of disciplines such as architecture, civil, structural, plumbing, mechanical, electrical engineering, construction, project planning and management.

Representative projects include commercial, retail, industrial, institutional and high-end residential.

Managed and coordinated work of individual architects, engineers, designers and consultants; directed and managed the total scope of project design services from schematic design, municipal approval, construction documentation and administration to ensure budget, scheduling and execution in accordance with the contract.

Owner’s History beyond the Profile…

This is a reprint of my first post about my life’s professional work. I’ve been involved in site and building design and construction since 1976 when I got my first job working for an Architectural Engineering firm in Tampa, FL. My first job was hand drafting in the mechanical engineering department doing plan revisions to design drawings for hospitals in Saudia Arabia. Since then, I’ve worked for civil engineering companies, small and large before switching, circa 1981, to my true passion… architecture.

I’ve been involved with building design and construction ever since. As my career progressed, I was able to work with some of the top designers in Tampa. One was a structural engineer who designed the original Tampa Stadium and then renovated the stadium for the arrival of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1976. After a couple of working engagements together in the late 70s, we collaborated on numerous projects together doing various federal, state and local government work, shopping centers, schools, hotels, casinos, maximum security jails, theaters, manufacturing and warehousing. He was the structural engineer and I did all his structural drawings in pen and ink on mylar. I learned a lot and he was a great friend.

In 1987, I was offered a position as a project manager to complete renovations of a 12 story hospital in Chicago, IL. Being raised in the area, I took the opportunity to move my wife and children back to Chicago for better work and educational opportunities for the family. Working in construction was one thing that was highly recommended from all that I’ve worked with in both the architecture and engineering fields to better understand what I was drawing. I thank everyone for that advice.

After my construction management experience, I got back to the arena of building design in the north suburban area of Chicago. Working for an AE firm in Lake Forest, IL, I was able to work on various high-end residential projects, manufacturing and laboratory facilities, offices, warehousing and retail buildings. I did this until an industry slow down in 1992 and decided to provide consulting and graphic services to anyone who needed them. My consulting work lasted 5 years until another industry slow down.

I then found a boutique architectural firm in Highland Park, IL that felt they could use my services and embarked on an 8 year odyssey of similar work as the Lake Forest firm except that I was introduced to the niche market of automobile dealership design work. Since then I’ve done about 20 dealerships, either ground up or complete renovation with additions to meet specific manufacturer’s image program. Intermingled with the vehicle dealerships, I’ve done small retail shopping centers, office buildings, high-end residential homes, commercial tenant improvements, manufacturing and warehousing… It’s all pretty much the same stuff.

I normally do not work on huge projects. The largest building that I’ve been involved with from the ground up was a 200,000 SF manufacturing facility in Tampa, FL. The largest site development I created and improved was a 17 acre tract of farm land that was converted to multi-zoned commercial property buffering adjacent residential property from a highly traveled 6 lane high way with nearly 100,000 cars per day traffic.

After my eight year stint in Highland Park, I chose to be involved with a design build contractor only to find, I was more suited to providing consulting, management and graphic services. Hence I started my own company, Just 4 Measure, Ltd incorporated in 2004, opening in October 2005.

Here I am today with things picking up after weathering the various economic climates.   I continue to offer and share my knowledge and construction experiences with those embarking on improving real estate, be it their home, office or business.  I am passionate about my work and love to share my experiences…

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